Pooled Node Validation

Enable your users to safely stake any amount of ETH and receive a proportionate share of the rewards.

  • Stake Any Amount of ETH

    Pooled node validation solution enables users to stake any amount of ETH with the safest collaborative approach supported by HashKey Cloud's audited smart contract.

  • Proportionate Rewards

    HashKey Cloud's audited smart contract allows users to withdraw their rewards proportionate to their staked ETH, with an automatic on-chain bill splitting based on a customs fee structure.

  • Simple Integration

    You can integrate your platform with HashKey Cloud's dApp or standardized API to simplify node validation for your users within clicks. Also, you can track precise node status and reward data with access to Data API.

  • Support liquidity node validation

    We provide a white-label liquidity node validation solution as an additional feature for flexible withdrawal with better liquidity.