About Us
HashKey Cloud, as a leading provider of global Web3 infrastructure and a core member of the HashKey Group, focuses on delivering professional, stable, and secure blockchain services to clients worldwide. Since 2018, we have been deeply committed to blockchain infrastructure technologies, with our node validation services covering over 50 mainstream public chains and continuous exploration into Ethereum Layer2 and Bitcoin Lightning Network technologies.

What We Do

We have upgraded our product line as Web3 transitions from foundational technology to application development. Our new product line includes compliant liquidity node validation products (EPotter), STO infrastructure services, and Appchain node operations products. We aim to meet the diverse needs of our clients and provide top-notch services to the global market.


  • HashQuark founded ( former HashKey Cloud)

  • Added support for 6 public blockchains

  • Granted by the PolkaDot Web3 Foundation

  • Became one of the first council members of Klaytn

  • Added support for 25 public blockchains

  • Launched the one-click KLAY node validation product KLAYportal

  • Won Bronze in the Medalla Data Challenge of Ethereum

  • Expanded Web3 Infrastructure, tap into the Bitcoin Lightning Network market

  • Completed Series A funding and became the first batch of Web3 companies invested by traditional VCs

  • Added support for 16 public blockchains

  • Became one of Lido's Node Operators

  • Introduced institutional-grade Ethereum non-custodial node validation product

  • Added support for 17 public blockchains

  • Completed Series B funding

  • Added support for 14 public blockchains

  • HashQuark rebranded as HashKey Cloud

  • Awarded by Dfinity and SSV Network

  • Added support for 16 public blockchains